servicesThe types of services I offer include: Individual Therapy, Conjoint/Couple Therapy, Group Therapy, and Psychological Testing.  These can be effective in helping you find a way through personal growth, relationship issues, anxious feelings, and mood concerns.

Types of Services:

individual therapyIndividual Therapy – When meeting one-on-one, I incorporate an “eclectic” approach.  This means I use various methods to understand and help you with your concerns.  The method is based on what would be most effective given your particular  circumstance. Therapy may include gaining insight into your own thoughts and feelings, moving forward from past events, using relaxation or stress management skills, recognizing your strengths, and/or setting goals to improve your quality of life.

couplesConjoint/Couple Therapy – I believe all relationships can be enhanced.  I assist people who want to rebuild broken relationships, remain respectful to each other during difficult separations, or work through difficult decisions together.  My approach to relationship enhancement includes identifying repetitive negative interactions that lead to problems and replacing them with respectful communication, mutual understanding, and positive experiences.

Relationship enhancement is beneficial for all partnered relationships. I do not discriminate against couples based on their sexual orientation, ethnicity, spirituality, or age and try to understand the unique dynamics of each couple’s perspective.

groupsGroup Therapy – The combination of support and understanding from a therapist and your peers can be very powerful.  Having led an extensive amount of group therapy on a wide range of topics, I have found that several minds and hearts are better than one. A group is more likely to generate useful new perspectives, brainstorm more ideas, and provide an experience of belonging that can feel uniquely enriching.  Please ask about upcoming options for group therapy.

Psychological Testing – I have specialized training in assessing areas of cognitive functioning: evaluating strengths and weaknesses related to IQ, memory, and learning.